FiOS in less than 24 hrs.

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So, we received a phone call from Verizon yesterday asking that we make accessible all things which the Verizon FiOS technician needs to access. The ethernet wires, the coaxial into-the-house (although I have an idea of relocating that), the televisions, and the telephone wiring (which I believe I want to switch around), I suppose. I tidied up all my horrible-looking, dangling telephone and coaxial cable lines earlier this morning, as well. I figure if it looks somewhat neat, the next guy would feel a bit more obligated to do something neat as well.

Right now, as it is, I have my cable modem in the basement connected to the first splitter off the incoming coaxial cable. From there, the CAT6 travels to my D-Link router upstairs here on the first floor, and from there it goes back downstairs thru the air-conditioning duct along fifty feet of CAT5 to my main computer, and about two feet to my desk right here.

The telephone. My telephone (one of three lines), which is VOIP comes from the cable modem downstairs, across fifty feet of narrow/thin telephone wire, to this same room, where it exits thru the wall and out to the telephone box on the side of the house, which in turn goes back into the house’s internal telephone wiring. It seems rather redundant for it to go from the basement, outside, to a box, and back to the basement — but as this house was built in 1932, and there are two separate telephone lines running through the walls, Cablevision decided for the sake of it all, to do it this way. I suppose the box outside always worked, so why not do it that way, rather than run new wires to the main telephone connections inside.

The coaxial cable. At the moment, there is a very old and beat-up cable coming from outside to the first splitter in the basement. From there it splits off into the cable modem and a signal amplifier. From there (the signal amplifier) it goes to a 5-way splitter, dispersed to different televisions in the house. There are two unused coaxial cables there. One comes into this particular room, and the other goes to my garage.

What I have thought would work best… I did a lot of thinking about how this will all run. I’ve decided that the best way to do it, would to have their stuff installed right here in this room. It would be advantageous to do so, as it would be in a drier place, more accessible, and running on newer wires. Also, having the wireless Actiontec router that Verizon supplies on my 1st floor, rather than basement, would be a bit more beneficial in granting me more “useable” range; I want to use my laptop wirelessly on the 1st and 2nd floors, I don’t care about it being used in the basement.

The total schematic running through my mind is as follows:

(Mind you, the ONT and Router are not the same things, but as both are being used to provide all the incoming services, I refer to them as one unit)

  • ONT/Router –> Ethernet cables on 1st floor (den) –> 2 Computers
  • ONT/Router –> Telephone jack on 1st floor (den) –> Box on outside of house –> Internal phone wires.
  • ONT/Router –> Unused coaxial cable on 1st floor (den) –> First splitter off old coaxial-in –> televisions.

I am hoping that all the above can be achieved. It seems that this would be the best way to install everything, I wouldn’t need two routers or a wireless hub/repeater, and it’d all be someplace I can keep an eye on it.

Some photographs, before/after my wiring cleanup.. for the hell of it:

ExhaustLoom1 ExhaustLoom2

WindowLoom1 WindowLoom2

Notice anything that I did not mention?

Less than 24 hrs for FiOS. I can’t wait!

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