It’s Too Cold in Green Bay, but for who?

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gal_bp_01_21_2008All week long I’ve been reading the papers and watching previews and post-game gal_fp_01_21_2008reports and pre-game reports and this.. and that.. and the other thing too. — Everyone’s said it. It’s wayyyy too cold for the New York Giants to be able to compete in Lambeau Field against the Green Bay Packers. The Giants, with 9 straight on-the-road wins, would never be able to pull it off! Not in a million years!

The Giants are playing with a banged-up secondary. The Giants got lucky against the Dallas Cowboys because it was a divisional rivalry — the two teams already knew each other well. Jeremy Shockey is out. Plaxico Burress is questionable! Sam Madison might not play. Eli Manning has only been lucky — he’s bound to screw up sooner or later! “The “Frozen Tundra” of Lambeau Field will play host for the NFC Championship Game giving the Packers a clear advantage playing at home.” Blah-blah-blah.

Green Bay was listed as a 8 point favorite. Tampa Bay gave the Giants 3 points. Dallas gave the Giants 7 points. Green Bay whooped Seattle 42-20 last week. Hell, they even whooped the Giants 35-13 in week two of the season on September 16th.




Quite simply… everyone was against the Giants, and they could not have been more wrong! It’s too cold in Green Bay.. for the PACKERS!

I love it when the rest of the country is against us. It does nothing but help the Giants. A team that has something to prove, a team that has the opportunity to play against all the odds and win… is a dangerous team.

So just how dangerous were we? I dunno… Green Bay in all its greatness rushed for a total of gal_frontpage_0118what…28 yards. WOW. Favre had 2 interceptions; the latter interception killed any chances of getting into Super Bowl XLII.

Did we do our best? There were 2 or 3 other chances that I can recall where we should have won the game. We didn’t. It took a lot more than it should have. Of course I have my complaints about the our offense, and our penalties… but hey.. end of the day, we’re GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL.

Some facts:

  • they became the first team in history to win 10 games as visitors in one season.
  • became the third team in history to advance to the Super Bowl by winning three road games, joining the 1985 Patriots and 2005 Pittsburgh Steelers.
  • This was the 3rd coldest game ever, in NFL history.

Some headlines:

As Wellington Mara said after we kicked the Minnesota Vikings’ ass in the 2000 NFC mug1288Championship Game:

“This team was referred to as the worst team ever to win the home-field advantage in the National Football League. And today, on our field of painted mud, we proved we’re the worst team ever to win the NFC championship. In two weeks, we’re going to try to become the worst team ever to win the Super Bowl.”

    • So… once again, in two weeks… we’re going to try to become the worst team ever to win the Super Bowl!NY Daily News Back/Front Covers, Beginning January 4th:

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