FiOS is Coming

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Well, the Verizon FiOS representative just left my home no less than ten minutes ago.

FiOS service will be installed in my home on the 29th of January. Phone, TV, and 20/20 internet.

It came to a total of $200 ±$4-6 per month, incl. all taxes and fees; the price is guaranteed for two years, with a couple things, which may have once been perceived as goodies, which are nowadays almost essentials. (HD boxes, DVR, battery backup for phone–which OOL does not provide–, the installer will stick all the boxes on the televisions.. etc.)

Personally, I’d rather do my own home installation, install my own boxes, configure my own computer, and run my own Ethernet lines. So, we’ll see what happens on the 29th when this guy gets here. I already know where I want the ONT box, and I hope this guy upholds the same standard of workmanship that I do.


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Optimum Online 30/5 BOOST vs. Verizon FiOS 20/20

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So after two weeks of deliberation with the family and whatnot, a representative from Verizon is coming today to explain his product. I’ve decided that while OOL has an excellent customer service support center, and has only been down perhaps three or four times in the last eight to ten years that I’ve had it (that I’ve noticed), it might just be time to move on.

I do a lot of file sharing and use the internet pretty much around the clock. I’ve patiently been waiting for FiOS for two years now, just like many other people, and it was finally laid on the poles back in October. I called at the time, and the lady there told me it usually takes two months after you’ve seen all the trucks in the neighborhood, before you can connect. Well, I’ll be damned if she wasn’t correct.

OOL offers me 30mbit download speeds, and I’m able to get those, on occasion. I’ve done some testing over the past two nights and I’ve gotten as high as 25 and 4…

But more often than not, I’ve been getting 9 and 4…. I guess they win an award for the most stable upload speeds.


So, it’s great that I can achieve an UP TO speed.. once in a great blue moon, but not often.

From what I hear, FiOS is much much more consistent with its speeds. And the extra 15mbit upload is going to help me with many things. Sometimes I want to share videos with friends, or pictures… and it’s quite aggravating at times that I can’t get these fukin’ things out faster!!

So once this guy gets here and explains his products to my not-so-technologically-savvy grandparents… who for some reason think that a fiber optic cable has to be installed throughout the house for them to be able to watch television after this thing is installed (grr… I give up)… we’ll see if I’m biting myself in the ass or not.

My uncle has FiOS and he has no complaints about their customer service and uptime. On the contrary, I’ve read many complaints from others on the internet that FiOS billing dept. and customer service sucks. Am I being too greedy in my need for more speed? Am I turning into one of these typical “instant-gratification” freaks? We’ll see what happens… My guess is that typical of human nature, the only thing I’m going to see about FiOS service is the negative shit, because we all have been there and done it before — when things are going great, we enjoy the moment and live for it. When things go bad, we complain, and bitch, and moan, and groan all month long about it. What-ev-er!

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