Coffee anyone?

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I’ve become such a coffee lover lately, it’s ridiculous.

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What would I have ever done, had one of these fine Keurig machines not walked into my life? I’ve seen them for ages. My sister had one, then she got one for my brother-in-law’s office, then my friend obtained one… and I thought I was supposed to be special?

Finally this Christmas I received one from my friend, Jennifer, and its been probably the most used gift I’ve ever received.

I went though the variety pack in under 4 days. That’s 18 k-cups. Teas, coffees, hot-chocolate, whatever- all gone in under 4 days.

I stumbled upon a website (click) that sells packs of 24 and 25 for a more appealing price of $9.99 – $10.49 per case. (At Bed Bath and Beyond I was paying $9.99 for 18, or $7.99 with their 20% discount coupon that comes in the mail at least three times per month, and on top of that, 8.625% NY Sales Tax) With 6 cases, you also get free shipping, and as the company is not in New York.. hurray, I don’t pay tax, either.

This time ’round, I’ve ordered Kenyan AA Extra Bold (my favorite thus far), Sumatran Blend Extra Bold (seemingly as good as Starbucks’ own Sumatra blend), and Hazelnut Dark Roast (Hazelnut has always been a good flavor, but I never thought it were strong enough –now it is–), and split the other half of the bill with Jennifer, who ordered Decaf Green Tea (she’s pleased), Sleepytime Herbal Tea (I tried it, I liked it, and it actually put me right to sleep– she says she enjoys it, but it’s only good on occasion), and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters’ “Our Blend” (which is a light blend –her preference–) that she gives many blessings.

For those of you who’ve never seen such a device, you really need to check out some of the demonstrations on the manufacturer’s website. (click)

Anyhoo, there isn’t much else I can say right now, I’m being tantalized by all this talk of coffee, and I must secure myself a cup before any act of God might taketh the opportunity away from me, such as getting struck by a bolt of lightening, hurricane, blizzard, or even worse, a power outage!


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2 Responses to “Coffee anyone?”

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I love the B60 keurig brewer I have. If you really want to expand your coffees, buy the k-cup coffee filter and use any coffee you want. I get mine from a micro roaster and have taken a liking to a dutch roast they have.

Hey Bob. I probably should’ve mentioned it. Actually had to re-read my post here and I’m sort of astounded that I didn’t. With the B60, I did also receive the strainer for using any kind of coffee I like (actually, I’ve been using it more to rip open tea bags and dump them in there, rather than steeping a bag and wasting my time). If your micro-roaster is available on the web someplace, feel free to drop a hyperlink and I’ll have a look!

Right at this moment, I’m actually brewing hot water over instant coffee (ugh!).. but it’s all I have in the house at the moment.

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