Optimum Online 30/5 BOOST vs. Verizon FiOS 20/20

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So after two weeks of deliberation with the family and whatnot, a representative from Verizon is coming today to explain his product. I’ve decided that while OOL has an excellent customer service support center, and has only been down perhaps three or four times in the last eight to ten years that I’ve had it (that I’ve noticed), it might just be time to move on.

I do a lot of file sharing and use the internet pretty much around the clock. I’ve patiently been waiting for FiOS for two years now, just like many other people, and it was finally laid on the poles back in October. I called at the time, and the lady there told me it usually takes two months after you’ve seen all the trucks in the neighborhood, before you can connect. Well, I’ll be damned if she wasn’t correct.

OOL offers me 30mbit download speeds, and I’m able to get those, on occasion. I’ve done some testing over the past two nights and I’ve gotten as high as 25 and 4…

But more often than not, I’ve been getting 9 and 4…. I guess they win an award for the most stable upload speeds.


So, it’s great that I can achieve an UP TO speed.. once in a great blue moon, but not often.

From what I hear, FiOS is much much more consistent with its speeds. And the extra 15mbit upload is going to help me with many things. Sometimes I want to share videos with friends, or pictures… and it’s quite aggravating at times that I can’t get these fukin’ things out faster!!

So once this guy gets here and explains his products to my not-so-technologically-savvy grandparents… who for some reason think that a fiber optic cable has to be installed throughout the house for them to be able to watch television after this thing is installed (grr… I give up)… we’ll see if I’m biting myself in the ass or not.

My uncle has FiOS and he has no complaints about their customer service and uptime. On the contrary, I’ve read many complaints from others on the internet that FiOS billing dept. and customer service sucks. Am I being too greedy in my need for more speed? Am I turning into one of these typical “instant-gratification” freaks? We’ll see what happens… My guess is that typical of human nature, the only thing I’m going to see about FiOS service is the negative shit, because we all have been there and done it before — when things are going great, we enjoy the moment and live for it. When things go bad, we complain, and bitch, and moan, and groan all month long about it. What-ev-er!


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19 Responses to “Optimum Online 30/5 BOOST vs. Verizon FiOS 20/20”

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I called Verizon FIOS to order phone, internet, and cable prior to my move in. My Consumer Order Summary was dated 3-28-08, and the scheduled installation date was 4-7-08. I reviewed the e-mail and all looked well. I move into my new house and install date comes. They setup an 8 AM-noon window. I already had the Optical Network Terminal unit (ONT) in my house, so I figured this would be cake for them. I am a Sys Admin at an ISP, so the internet stuff I could do myself with ease.

On install day, no one showed, no one called. I had my mobile with me at ALL times. So around 1:30 PM I called Verizon to see what was going on. If something came up, I had a week off to move in and if they needed to come by in a day or two, I was totally cool with that. After about an hour on hold I got in touch with a “state level” dispatcher. That said that there were “no facilities available for my order” and I was called. Nope, I wasn’t called; they did have my cell (which I had with me all of the time) in their records. I wanted them to come out later in the week if possible since I was home. They said that their next available time for me was 4-12-08, which was a day where I was going to a wedding. The next available time after that was at the end of the month, on a work day for me.

Basically because they did not show up, or even notify me with a reason, they put me at the back of the line. I was trying to escalate my request and the support only gave me unreasonable dates and that “no facilities available for my order” BS. I later wanted to get my copper line put back so I could at least get phone service, and after a long wait in hold they gave me the end of the month as a date. Basically I was being run around in circles and being shoved to the end of the line because Verizon screwed up my installation. I was told the only way I could get it sooner is if I “knew an installer who’d do me a favor,” and I was pretty much screwed with the window of time I had to get the service installed. The salesperson fed me a load of bull and the installer didn’t even call me with a reason. I tried to figure out what “no facilities available for my order” meant, and why this was such a problem since I already had the ONT in my house. Half of their work was already done.

The same day, I called a local cable company who installed my phone, internet, and cable the next day. They showed up on time and did the normal pre and post appointment verification. I unplugged the ONT in my house and let the battery go out. Verizon gave me such a lousy customer experience I swore I would never do business with them, and be sure to let other people know about their awful customer service and commitments they setup and do not honor. Verizon screwed up prior when they bought Bell Atlantic, and screwed up our perfectly find DSL service I had around 98/99. My money is going to a competitor, and Verizon won’t see it because they have abysmal customer service. I am certainly interested in fiber optic lines connected to my house, but so long as Verizon is the only provider, I will happily do without.

Herndon, VA

Pshhh I can’t stand verizon, Fios service is great BUT everything else SUCKS the price for that 20/20 is $100 not to mention verizon and their old tricks, ball and chain contracts ridiculous termination charges etc.

Optimum online with Boost is GREAT. I have absolutely no complaints! The Customer Support is GREAT free 411?!?!?!?!

I get 30 up and 5 down (and I actually do reach those speeds constantly) for only $40 a month, AND I could leave anytime I want! But with such speeds and low costs, who would want to?!?!?! Check out my actual spead!

So… Verizon FiOS..? I have heard nothing but bad things about this service. Surely the “goods” are spectacular (internet, tv, phone)– but trying to get them in your door to set it up is just the biggest possible nuisance in the world. I remember talking to a gentleman for about an hour or so regarding FiOS, and he told me he had gotten it… After about a few months of waiting. I suppose it’s because they are fairly new, but still, if the kinks aren’t all worked out, or at least to the point where certain tasks need to be organized a lot better, they should work on them before starting their business.

Now, this gentleman kept going on and on and on about how terrible Verizon FiOS is, and to not go with them, and to go with Comcast, and that FiOS’ customer service is out of India, which they have no idea what they are talking about. This guy actually told me when he called their service line that one of the reps asked him what FiOS was! Now if that isn’t one of the funniest thing I have ever heard in my life. It’s also funny because I saw this on the net somewhere else, so it was probably the same person. I mean I could understand if the rep worked at another company such as Comcast and didn’t know what FiOS was, but working at the actual company?!? Come on!

Now I don’t want to continue going on about how bad I have heard FiOS is, so I will cut to the conclusion. FiOS’ internet service might be superb, but it’s fiber optics. Just yesterday, I upgraded my internet to Comcast’s Blast package, which is absolutely awesome! I mean this internet is so quick that you don’t wait for ANYTHING! I did a random test earlier today, and when I saw what I saw, it was absolutely amazing. I had over 34,000 kbps downstream and nearly 5,000 kbps upstream. The downstream would convert to about 4,400 kbps per second when downloading a file, while the upload speed would convert to 625 kbps (which is fine with me because I don’t upload huge files anyway, so what do I care?

The fact of the matter is, with Comcast’s new Blast package w/ Powerboost, you can hit the 30 mbps mark with no problem. I mean I just ran a test 10 minutes ago and it hit 29 mbps, so it hasn’t been fluxuating that much at all, which is great.

I happen to live in an area that has great Comcast High-Speed Internet, and the Service Center is only 2 towns away, so I or a family member is NOT calling India or the middle of the pacific, but a town located under 5 miles from my home– that’s plain ol’ awesome! =)

I really couldn’t be any happier right now! I am not looking for the FASTEST speed in the world, because I can care less. As long as it provides me with optimal speed– that’s more than enough for me. But what I am getting is 10x more than optimal speed, and I just want to take a second to send out a great big THANKS to Comcast– you guys are the best.

So my recommedation to you buddy is to go with Comcast, because you won’t be sorry that you did. Your Optimum Online seemed to be really quick when it had its good times, but then it would drastically slow down, which isn’t even that slow anyway. 10,000 kbps downstream and nearly 4600 kbps upstream… Some people would kill to have that. Anyhow, good luck to you buddy, and may you choose the right service. I’m sure Comcast differs from place to place, and my area just happens to be the gold mine of Comcast Internet Services (heh), but I couldn’t see it decrease all that much anywhere really, it’s just that great (I am talking about their Blast package with Powerboost).

Sorry… I missed this before. Also remember that Comcast is also a Fiber Optic network, as is FiOS. It’s hard to really compare the two, because they are two of the more popular competitors. Again, good luck with your choice buddy.

FIOS Tech support is great, FIOS billing stinks, Iwont get into why. That said their service as compared to Cablevision OOL is definately superior. I have had FIOS for two years, I only have the basic 10/2 but I always I mean always get 10100 – 10500 and 1.6 – 1.85 up. I compare to my neighbors who have OOL 30/5 and I often have more bandwidth down, especially during “peak times”. I am sure that FIOS 20/20 will much better than OOL 30/5. the fact that FIOS actually delivers the stated throuput or better is the diference. OOL’s throughput gets slower in times of greater demand. I have received large files from my brother who has OOL and they capped him throttling back his upload to almost nothing and his download to low KB’s. The reason was “over use”. FIOS never does this and the fact that they offer 20 up shows that they have no problem with file sharing.

ive been having the same problems with OOL
the normal boost speeds should be 20-30/4-5

for the past week or 2, ive been getting only 8-15/4-5 like the OP’s post.

now. im getting onto the phone and calling them to rant. why is it slow.

im paying for the 30. i should get somewhere at least 75% to it.

I know this is old, but can incrementally increase their speeds to the limit of the fiber, which is always increasing due to technological advances. Coax cable has much lower bandwidth. FIOS is fiber to the home. Not bottlenecks. This is something Cable cant fix. Wait till Verizon offers 100 MB service and makes 50 Standard… Which they say will be very soon.

I know this is old, but Verizon can incrementally increase their speeds to the limit of the fiber, which is always increasing due to technological advances. Coax cable has much lower bandwidth. FIOS is fiber to the home. No bottlenecks. This is something Cable has, and cant fix. Wait till Verizon offers 100 MB service and makes 50 MB Standard… Which they say will be very soon.

Sorry about the typos, I need some sleep!

I HAVE FIOS the triple play as we would call it and there no speed atleast in ny long island area i get 20/20 at no extra charge and i always download and upload the same no matter what day or what time i upload 2.33 megs a sec sustained no drops and i upload just as fast when i was using torrent a cool 2.28 megs a second way faster then optonline and for me i am not paying extra. my phone my tv with the extreme hd package 5 hd boxes 1 dvr all hd channels muchhhhhhhh more premium HD channels by farrr and 20/20 for the price of 176.00 a month
the tv guide user interface is wayyy more advanced and up to date then crappy optonline ohh and did i mention free VOD for all my premium channels with optonline you have to pay 5 bux a month for each permium channel EX: HBO etc
sorry cable your way behind .but cable does have superior customer technical support that i do give them

Fios has worked out their billing issues. The consistancy and speed of their internet is better than Optimum on Line. The TV pictures are so much better its not even close. Dollar for dollar, Fios is the better, high tech all in one solution

Upload speeds are great, between 4.5 and 5.3
Mbs anytime of day. Downloads used to be between
27-32 anytime of day but have taken a turn for the worst sinse 4/1/09. Early Am I get between 15-20
Daytime 7-10Mbs. OOL, being a shared pipe, is not
compensating for the draw on the network, something the service agents said, it WAS prepared to handle.
OOL will intraduce another service Ultra2 coming soom
which is supposed toprovide 100Mbs down and 50 Mbs up.
Im guessing the pricing will be through the moon,
making it totally unaffordable.
Anyone have experience with FIOS and if so how are the speeds.

I saw this add on the Star Ledger today and it said Verizon FiOS is better because its faster, and has more HD channels then Optimum. Optimnum is real great, but Verizon has the WORST and I mean WORST costumer service ever, to keep it short, its just too good(both of them)!

I had OOL up to 3 years ago, then switched to FiOS 20/5 and it has been very reliably giving me the advertised rates (at least whenever I bother testing ;). The only service interuption I had was very early on after the initial installation (they had just strung the fiber in my neighborhood) and they said they had a kink in a cable, they also replaced the original ONT at the time. Don’t recall that there was any problem with the service calls at that time.
I do not like Verizon Billing and their web-presence, which got really confused after I discontinued the expensive POTS over ONT in favor of VOIP by Vonage, because now they didn’t have a telephone-number anymore to link to the account.
They also have raised the rate a second time now in 3 years. That’s why I was debating whether to switch to OOL Boost now. Especially since Cablevision has an extensive network of free wireless hotspots on LI for subscribers.

From what I have read and from a little informal survey among colleagues that have OOL, it appears that it still suffers from widely varying down-speeds, while the up-speeds appear to be the expected 1.5 to 2 Mb/s most of the time.
So at the moment I am still undecided.

I have heard alot of bad things about Verizon. Down here in Florida, FiOS is only available in a few counties. But for the most part, Comcast is the local cable company; besides a few other counties that comcast doesnt pier threw. My grandparents live in northern florida, and currently have FiOS available to them, but they stick with their 3.0/768k ADSL because they dont need FiOS kind of speed. As they have told me, they hate the service because of the consistent problems with their lines, along with the fact that it takes verizon two weeks just to come out, take a look at their line and tell them that they need to replace an outlet in the house. Myself, i use comcast with a PreMOD modem. I pay $24.95 a month for the Economy Internet Package, + phone service, and have two seperate modems online. My PreMOD modem runs Haxorware firmware, and is spoofed with my VoIP modems MAC address. There are alot of configs available for comcast, currently i am using a 55/15 config that runs from a Chicago TFTP/ToD server. All in all, for less than $60 a month after taxes, i get unlimited phone service and a 30/10 (constant speed) connection. Its not a ‘power boost’ config, so its not a small burst of speed then it bogs down, its always transfering 30/10. In the long run, its a very nice setup.

I had to go back to OOL. (I moved out, and when I came back they had switched services) – It’s terrible. I get 3 or 4 long down-times a month, outages, the works. It’s been ridiculous. I can’t wait to go back to FiOS. I just did a speed test, a crappy 11mb down and 2mb up.

`:, I am very thankful to this topic because it really gives useful information *`”

Anyone want to give an up to date comment on OOL?

I had switched back to it and I’ve returned to FiOS for 35/35 service, couldn’t be happier. OOL has way too many “outages”.

Fios support and customer svc is in the united states.. so the person above is way off, also comcast and OOL do not co exist in the same locations.. OOL is now saying they are 3x faster than fios but check the fine print.. They also say taxes are too high with VZ which can be true unless you get Fios Digital voice. I have the fios 35/35 ult bundle and everyhting just works better. The guide moves , the set top boxes work well, and I love the new DVR( i think it has something like 300gig memory.) It just works, I would not care if OOL came $20 or $30 bucks less. It just works!

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