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77331464MW122_Super_Bowl_XL Okay, its been almost a week since Super Bowl XLII, and I haven’t been able to post anything about it because I’ve been watching the game over and over, still trying to get the entire thing to soak into my encephalon. I guess it’s true, and my father must be some sort of prophet. Ever since I was a little boy, I can remember the Giants winning a game (the 1990 season in particular) and my father shouting out the window of my home, professing that “Jesus is a Giants fan! God …is a Giants fan!” Well, if God wasn’t on their side in these last few ball games, I don’t know who was. I think the Almighty may be walking this earth right now, disguised as Steve Spagnuolo.

First, before anything, if you have not yet seen it, take a look at NFL Films’ “Game of the Week” Video for the Super Bowl. NFL Films does an excellent job at dramatizing and re-capping a game each week, and can at times make you feel like you’re watching it for the first time. Other “Game of the Week” videos of notable mention are the Giants vs. Packers NFC Championship, and the Giants vs. Cowboys Divisional Championship.

Another noteworthy link is that to the “Official Eli Manning Sucks Blog“. Is this guy for real? Or perhaps it were written by Jessica Simpson? I just found that nice little piece of heaven on the net and had a very hard laugh. Wow. Talk about wasted time? Good God! I don’t know which is worse- the fact that this author was bored enough to post that crap, or that I spent time reading through it! I suppose its a good idea- I’ve spasmodically thought of making my blog something completely controversial just for the sake of negative feedback and comments, but decided against it.

gal_backpage_0201 Back to the game that we weren’t supposed to win. The game in which the New York Giants were to fail during, hide afterwards, and retreat forever from– wait– we won that one, didn’t we? Hmph… It proves one thing… the media knows nothing. The bookmakers know nothing. The population of New England knows nothing. Patriots fans know nothing. — A lot of people, come to think about it, seemingly know NOTHING. I guess that isn’t so much of a surprise these days, is it? Just look at the national averages in reading comprehension, and then wonder why kids can’t get jobs.

To tell you the truth, I didn’t know anything either, until the New York Giants vs. New England Patriots game in the 2007 season finale. I think the problem lies therein. Patriots fans went blind at the close of that game, discounting the fact that they only beat the shitty NY Giants by 3 points. Whoopsie!

Seriously, everyone had discounted the Giants. They always do, though! And guess what? Many of us New Yorkers just 1202098811_2983love that! There is no better feeling than being the underdog every single time, and surprising everyone. The looks on the faces of the opposition are always priceless! That’s what they get, for their big mouths and fearless mindset. Here’s probably the best example at the right. Does Tom Brady look a little disconcerted? Uh-oh! What happened, Tom? Got sacked? Where’s the ball? Lost the ball? Whoops- got sacked again? and again? Someone’s hand was in your face? Oh, my! Oops, where’s the ball, Tom? Lost it AGAIN?

Bah. Tom Brady is so full of himself, I hope he gets five more 18-0 seasons that end in an absolute upset. Maybe he’ll gob down too many anti-depressants and do us all a favor. (Okay, that’s a bit over the top, but I can’t stand him). The guy is an excellent athlete, without a doubt, but he needs to stop thinking that he is omnipotent.

Randy Moss is another one. Excellent athlete, way too full of himself. There’s something about defeating the undefeatable that just gets my adrenaline going. There’s something about pulling on through when nobody expects you to; I suppose that’s an innately favorable position to be in.

1202227750_7304 I’m trying to pull myself off of them, but it’s way too difficult. How about Bill Belichick? Another one, completely saturated in his own delusion that he is invincible. Whatever happened to being humble? Whatever happened to the days before spygate scandals and playing fair? Where has sportsmanlike conduct gone? I can remember Lawrence Taylor extending his hand to Joe Montana after he had knocked the shit out of him. Are those days over? By and large, I think they are. The whole fact that Bill Belichick ran out into the tunnel with 0:02 left on the clock in the Super Bowl just disgusts and disappoints me. On top of it, we put such a big emphasis on football in America, and our children latch onto it ten times more than the adults, and these are the people they’re looking up to? (Well, okay, Lawrence Taylor used to smoke crack so he’s not any better, but… you get the point) There’s a point in which confidence is a virtue that you want your children to grasp at an early stage, and a point in which too much confidence can create people like Tom Brady.

gal_wrap_02_04_2008 On to the Giants. I sat there mesmerized watching that game. I was throwing things around my room, slamming my fist on my desk, and screaming at the television. I think Eli Manning must’ve heard me. As I watched those Patriots march down the field and score that second touchdown shortly before the 2-minute warning, I wanted to kill someone. I needed, for myself, the underdog to pull on through. Somehow, if the Giants could do it when everyone doubted them, I felt that anything could be possible in life – and that’s always a good pick-me-up – for anyone!

Eli Manning’s past performances in the regular seasons have not led me to be a true believer. I’ve always thought “This guy is going to be excellent some day”, but I never knew when “some day” would come! Amani Toomer’s dropped passes were disgusting. Jeremy Shockey out for the season yet AGAIN was another nightmare. I don’t think the team could’ve been in any worse shape, as far as starting lineup and performance when-it-counts goes. But, THEY DID IT! As I sat there in despair, hearing the announcer on television say “It’s all up to Eli Manning now”, I couldn’t help but think to myself – “He’s going to throw an interception, he’s going to get nervous, and that’s going to be the end of the game. son of a…” – But miracles do happen! For once, he didn’t screw it up. (For once? Or has he been doing that just fine the last 4 games? I suppose he has, but it never really set in until the very last play of the drive.) …for once, I was a believer! And damn it, I’m proud to have come to that realization!

I don’t know which did it for me, the entire drive down field in the last seconds, or just the fact that this guy finally avoided a sack AND threw a pass that was caught for something worthwhile. David Tyree. I must say…. When Amani Toomer retires, long live David Tyree! The point in which the Giants have Tyree on the left, and Plaxico on the right (full-time), is the point in which I rob somebody for their season tickets! Credit should also go to Steve Smith who played excellent, and I feel he will never be rewarded as good as he should be, and to Kevin Boss who has surprised us all. I wonder if Jeremy Shockey’s career may be in jeopardy nowadays?

101B0180The offense. The offense. The offense. They get the spotlight. Everyone wants to see a battle of back-to-back scoring drives. That’s all good and great, but it was the defense, the defense, the defense that really pulled this game off! I don’t know which I have watched a replay of more – Eli Manning’s pass to David Tyree, or Jay Alford knocking the sweat off of Tom Brady on the Patriots’ last drive. Both were amazing, and huge for the team.

I don’t suppose I’ll ever see a more entertaining football game. Maybe next season we’ll get that far again, but I doubt it. Not because I don’t feel we’re capable, but because I firstly, don’t like dynasties, and secondly, don’t expect the unexpected. I like not expecting the unexpected… it’s one hundred times more fun when it happens!

Bravo, New York Giants, bravo! It was well played, difficult to watch, and my heart raced every moment. I hope we’re the underdogs forever. How sweet it is! How sweet for another big-blue Super Bowl victory; how sweet for another Super Bowl MVP; how sweet Spagnuolo is STAYING; how sweet.. Michael Strahan and Amani Toomer finally got their rings, and how sweet…. Jeff Feagles can finally say he’s done it all!

“What did we do to you? WE STOMPED YOU OUT!” -Michael Strahan


1202093903_3455 702-Super_Bowl_Football.sff.embedded.prod_affiliate.813A3AE0DB97B74448B97C60748EFE7E5D77331464MW024_Super_Bowl_XLgal_giants_covergal_wrap_02_05_2008

1. Tyree Catch; 2. Tyree Catch; 3. Tyree Catch; 4. Strahan sacks Brady; 5. Tuck sacks Brady; 6. NYC Giants Victory Parade; 7. Jeremey Shockey rubs Howard Cross’ head for good luck; 8. NY Daily News Cover; 9. NY Daily News Cover.


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